Holiday Message 2018

Posted on December 14, 2018
“What we need is tolerance and brotherhood, and simple humanity.” -Senator Arlen Specter

In Germany, “drinking to brotherhood” is a common ritual, during which two individuals change the personal address from the German formal “Sie” to the more familiar “Du.” With forearms hooked into each other, the two individuals bring their glass to their mouth. Afterward, they state their first name, often followed by a kiss on the cheek or mouth.

Germans express allegiance, that way: quite a leap from the look, smile, and handshake we use in these United States. Nevertheless, the intent is quite similar: By working together, serving together – or a common cause, breaking bread, and taking an interest in each other’s lives and well-being, we acknowledge that we share a special bond.

This year, we want to acknowledge that we are thankful to share our lives with you and yours – as citizens, partners, clients, or vendors. Let’s embrace what unites us, and work on what divides us.

Happy Holidays, and a great start to a brand new year!

-Jens and Marianna Kiel

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