What’s in a Logo?

Posted on January 15, 2019

Hold that thought, and let us challenge your first association – the word “logos” in Greek philosophy and theology stands for the divine reason in the cosmos. It provides order, form, and meaning. Back to your first association, though, the logo as the visual representation of an organization and the core element of the brand – doesn’t it provide similar function?

Let’s have a closer look at the Made in Germany logo: Introduced in 2013 and a West Virginia Registered Service Mark. We’ve been told it looks like a smile – the expression of our positive and optimistic approach to what we do, and how we communicate with our clients and the environment. While we appreciate the notion and agree that it reflects the identity of our brand, it also carries profound symbolic meaning:

The letters MiG represent the company, a provider of select professional services like diagnostics, branding, contents, and knowledge transfer. And the half-circle – visually evoking the flare of an eclipse – represents the clients’ share of the dialogue with us. Arching from the first briefing over feedback to our process up to the evaluation of services rendered it is the foundation of the message we communicate; our work provides the complimenting part, the unseen half-circle, that carries the message to our clients‘ customers.

What’s your company logo’s story? We want to learn more over a coffee or water, revisit its message, make sure it still fits your business like a glove, or if it needs a Spa Day; maybe a makeover, so it looks as exciting as the message it carries to your customers?

Let’s talk!

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