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Holiday Message 2014

Friends, collaborators, and champions of Made in Germany, As we recall wonderful hours spent this summer, we can not imagine any of the progress we made in the last 16 months happening without you. You have challenged us, cheered us, and most of all embraced us and made us part of your professional and personal lives. For that we are thankful, and look forward to ...

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Public Relations/Integrated Marketing Communications in Germany

As posted on on Aubia Communications The strongest economic country in the European Union, Germany is well known for its efficiency and attention to detail. As a European leader, Deutschland’s marketing and communications industry is well advanced. Living next door in the German section of Switzerland for the past six months, I’ve had the chance to observe, ...

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West Virginia: The State of 3-D Printing

An advantage of 3-D printing over traditional machine tooling, especially during the development stage, is the ease of modification with minimal financial effort. For example, a quick way to create a metal machine part for a prototype is to 3-D print an object with plastic or wax, then create a ceramic mold from it by wet-dipping it in a slurry of binder and coating, hardening the shell and die-casting with liquid metal.

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