‘The Connector’ Helps Communicate Success Stories

Posted on May 17, 2016

By MARLA PISCIOTTA for The State Journal, May 13 2016

Priding himself with German efficiency, Jens (pronounced “yens”) Kiel is a West Virginia transplant from Germany.

“After working decades in the advertising and technology industries throughout Europe and North America, I chose Central Appalachia to create opportunities for clients and help write their success stories,” Kiel said.

Kiel calls himself a connector.

“I help clients get to know their audiences,” he said.

His Charleston based company, “Made in Germany,” or MIG, was chosen as the 2016 W.Va. Small Business Champion of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration, West Virginia District Office.

MIG helps companies connect to targeted audiences, as well as market services and communicate strengths with impact.

“With uncompromising transparency right from the start, we have turned a page in the world of creative strategy, and provide client-focused solutions in brand marketing, content marketing, corporate communication and business consulting,” Kiel said.

Kiel came to the United States in 2005 after getting his feet wet with marketing and creative strategy in Germany.

“I work with the professional services industry and with tech and scientific services as well,” he said.

Kiel said he works with a network of creative people in West Virginia specializing in graphic design and photography.

“It’s me and up to 16 people working on a project,” he said. “We are a sharing society.”

Kiel said he came from a big city in Germany, but fell in love with the scenery and the people of West Virginia.

“I see so many similarities with Germany in West Virginia regarding coal and steel,” Kiel said.

He said he tries to use West Virginia resources and West Virginia vendors as much as possible.

“We use partners and resources from West Virginia, and our revenue contributes to the growth and development of the state’s infrastructure and small business,” he said. “What I do benefits small businesses of the state.”

Kiel said the Small Business Administration has helped translate his business mind, knowledge and experience from 20 years of work in the European advertising, marketing and technology industries to the small business and nonprofit organizations in West Virginia.

“The one-on-one mentoring that I received in accounting, sales and evaluation strategies has helped me perform better for my clients, and the opportunity to present my workshop series on digital communications etiquette to a national audience in webinars has enabled me to share my thoughts and insights with small businesses all over the country, helping them communicate better,” Kiel said.

Kiel attributed winning the award to his parents, grandparents and myriad mentors, teachers and friends.

“As a West Virginia small business, we have to outperform not only our direct competitors, but also the economic and structural challenges of our region,” he said. “I have learned that West Virginia, in time, will give you all if you are willing to give her your best.

“We are excited to get to know you and your company, let’s connect.”

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