The Company

Made in Germany is an award-winning American brand and content consultancy, helping professional, technical, and scientific service companies to communicate to their audiences with impact. The integrity of service, quality of products, and efficiency in execution are the guiding principles.

Mission and Vision

A contributing factor in a client’s success, Made in Germany offers services that benefit the greater good and are of good nature. We use partners and resources from West Virginia, and our revenue contributes to the growth and development of West Virginia’s infrastructure and small businesses.

Made in Germany exists to inspire excellence, grow strong performance and procure the highest quality of services and products – providing creative leadership and vision in a market that challenges and sustains.


The Charleston Area Alliance is an economic and community development organization working toward creating a more prosperous Kanawha Valley. We were a member of the organization and still support their international business development efforts with representation, testimonials, and concierge services.

The IAOIP is the leading international membership-based organization dedicated to the professional development of individuals working in the field of innovation. As the associate member of a working group, we aim to help the West Virginia chapter grow and succeed.

The Founder

American citizen Jens-Kristian Kiel is a transplant to West Virginia, he followed his heart from Western Germany to the Mountain State. His experience of over three decades in advertising, marketing, and information technology provides the foundation for Made in Germany’s capabilities and services.

His business skills were forged in the melting pot of the Ruhrgebiet – the coal and steel region of North Rhine-Westphalia that became an urban hub for innovation, communication, and management at the end of the 20th century. With a major in English and a minor in Biology, Jens uses the creative and analytical lobes for his passion – problem-solving.

In a managing position of a West Virginia creative strategy firm, Jens learned to combine German efficiency and American fervor to procure quality in products and services for his clients. His network of trusted partners and collaborators in West Virginia appreciates his attention to detail and his straightforward communication habits.

In 2016, Jens received the U.S. Small Business Administration’s West Virginia Small Business Champion of the Year Award. It highlights the best of the best among small business leaders, exemplifying hard work, leadership, and dedication.

Jens is the father of two German boys, husband to a West Virginia teacher, and you don’t have to wrestle his arm too hard to make him play an original German blues on his six-string. He makes delicious guacamole and salsa and shares the > recipes < gladly.

Essen, hometown of Jens K. Kiel

Origins: Essen, NRW

The Ruhr region is the new Ruhr Metropolis

High-tech instead of blast furnaces, collieries as new venues for cultural events, party district instead of workers’ pub. The great structural transformation from an area of steel and coal production to a European metropolis of the 21st century is at full throttle. The 53 Ruhr region cities are working together to implement the transformation – and are pleased with active citizens, immigrants, and visitors, who want to be part of the region’s change.